Workbox Wednesday- March 25, 2015

Welcome to Workbox Wednesday! 

I mentioned last week that we really haven’t been doing anything new, exciting and/or different with the girls’ workboxes. They continue to work on copywork, math, Bible story summaries and some sort of hands-on manipulative. However, the younger children have started using LaLaLogic, which is a great preschool brain training curriculum that we are reviewing for the TOS Review Crew.

Last week, I took the children’s worksheet and turned it into a learning tray activity.

These trays are great for sorting exercises.

The next day we used it, we made a sorting book. 

As much fun as Harold had sorting those pictures, I have decided I need to find some other things for him to sort. 

If you use workboxes, tot trays, or anything similar, feel free to post a link to your blog post or a picture (pictures can be from facebook, but please make sure they are PUBLIC so we can see them, or use a host like to get a URL for your photo) that shows WHAT IS IN YOUR BOXES!

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What is in your workboxes?
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